The Weather


A while ago I had some depressed days and it made me paint some real colourful stuff. I’ve painted some weather symbols like clouds, the sun, the moon, rain and lightning on this. I guess to remind myself that sometimes emotions can change like the weather. And it is okay to feel how you feel. Don’t be to harsh on yourself and sometimes just let it be.

This pink real leather jacket is more second hand than vintage (probably not old enough to be qualified as vintage). But, fell in love with this cool short model and of course the bright pink colour. Cause who doesn’t like pink, right?


Runs as a size XS or S.

Measurements (when laying flat):

Length: 40 cm, 15.8 inch

Width (waist): 40 cm, 15.8 inch

Shoulder to shoulder: 40 cm, 15.8 inch

Sleeves: 63 cm, 24.8 inch


Please note:

– The jacket is vintage so there may be some signs of wear (but that actually makes it prettier don’t you think?)

– All vintage leather jackets are 100% real leather. The leather is cleaned and prepared before painting. It is painted with special leather paint that will not crack, peel or wash off. After painting all items are finished with a special coating. Waterproof!

– All handpainted vintage leather items are one of a kind. So you will be sure that you are the only one in the whole wide world rocking this shit!

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